Levi works with traditional and digital media to develop large-scale artwork and graphics for clients like Activision, AT&T, Sony, Toyota, 23 and Me, Dunkin' Donuts, Tecate,  and management companies.


Born to a sign maker and seamstress, Levi has been studying art and form since childhood. After earning a B.A. in 3D Animation Levi began painting and organizing the creation of murals in Los Angeles. These murals go beyond paint - they are community projects that bring together a wide range of artists, business owners, and youth.  Together they transform defaced city walls into works of art for both locals and visitors to enjoy.  These efforts to beautify and inspire people to take control of their communities have led to the re-discovery of the corridor now known as Mural Mile in Los Angeles, CA. 

His work has been featured by The Skirball Center, The Peterson Museum, The Los Angeles Times, La Opinion, LA Daily News, PBS, Super Sonico Music Festival, Sony, Welcome to Los Vargas, Fox 11's Good Day LA, Katy Perry, CNN Latino, BBC Mundo, Univision, Telemundo, MUN2, MTV Tr3s, Azteca TV, Vans Art, KPFK 90.7FM, La Opinion, KCET, The Huffington Post, and various other books, publications, websites and blogs.